Double Standard of "Open" Orthodoxy

“It’s about a culture in part of the Orthodox community that is not interested in civil discourse. It’s very sad.” 
  -Rabbi Avi Weiss (Founder of Open Orthodoxy speaking about the alleged lack of civility in parts of Orthodoxy)

Rabbi Ysoscher Katz (Chair of YCT's Talmud Department and Director of the Lindenbaum Center for Halakhic Studies) with the approval of Rabbi Asher Lopatin (President of YCT) privately threatened litigation against his critcs while publicly calling for open discourse. Also, Rabbi Katz made a perverse statement about a rabbi.  They have never apologized.  

Reaction to Orthodox Union's Statement regarding women's leadership roles:

“The OU should stick to tuna fish.”
- Rabbi  Shmuel Herzfeld (student of Rabbi Avi Weiss and member of YCT’s Jewish Leadership Advisory Board

"Pitiful" and "Laughable"
-Rabbi Daniel Landes (member of YCT’s Jewish Leadership Advisory Board) 

“It’s the vicious circle of patriarchy: a panel of men, reinforcing their own power.”
-Article touted on JOFA’s Facebook Page  

“We have a record number (65 million) refugees fighting for their lives & the priority of the Orthodox Union right now is barring talented, learned Orthodox women from clergy positions?  Yasher koach OU rabbis on serving as our guiding lights!”
-Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz (Graduate of YCT)

“it portrays weakness and fear.”
-Statement from Rabbi Benny Lau on Yeshivat Maharat’s Facebook page

“They lack faith both in the Jewish People and the Torah as a potent force in leading the people to God.”  
 -Rabbi Herzl Hefter (Lecturer at YCT and member of their Jewish leadership advisory board.  He has denied the Orthodox understanding of Divine Revelation.  (see here and here)
(In the same article he compares opposition to women’s ordination to the defense of slavery before the Civil War.) 

JOFA and a student and board member of Yeshivat Maharat posted  a despicable article on FB which fabricates accusations against Torah scholars. The disrespect shown by the author to talmidei chachamim including Rav Samson Raphael Hircsh and Rabbi Soloveitchik is deplorable.  The author makes an absurd and baseless claim that the OU barred women rabbis because it wants to perpetuate abuse of women.  (After negative public reaction, JOFA has since removed the article from their page.)  The post was liked by YCT's president, Rabbi Asher Lopatin.

*For more examples of this movement's "openness", see Chapter 8 of Why Open Orthodoxy Is Not Orthodox.